With Beacon it's easy to let your friends know when you're free to hang out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make Beacon?

We wanted an easy way to signal availability to friends during WWDC. As anyone who’s ever attended knows, the week of Apple’s conference goes by in an instant. It’s hard to know which of your friends are free at any given moment without sending a text or DM to every single person. Beacon provides a lightweight way to put up a “bat signal” for your friends to join you.

For a lot of people, WWDC is their first community event. We wanted a way to help welcome newcomers, and encourage people to make new friends, so Beacon also allows you to create and view public events in your area. We’ve certainly made great friends by striking up conversations with strangers during WWDC, and we wanted to facilitate this experience in our app.

Why do I have to use Twitter to login?

Using Twitter allows us to take advantage of your existing social graph of industry colleagues and friends. For many of us, Twitter represents our canonical identity on the internet. Every year during WWDC people who only know each other on Twitter meet for the first time in person, and we wanted to capture some of this magic™.

Whose events am I going to see?

The “Upcoming” feed on Beacon first shows you upcoming events posted by your mutual followers. These are people that you follow that also follow you back. After the events from your mutuals, you’ll see any public events posted by people you don’t follow. This is a great chance to meet totally new people from all over the world with a shared affinity for Apple and their products..

Wow, you send way too many push notifications!

This isn't a question, but we’ll answer it! We're developers, and we’ve uninstalled our fair share of apps for sending too many push notifications. To this end, we’ve created granular controls for push notifications that you can toggle on your profile page, available by tapping your avatar in the bottom left of the screen.